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Buzz Entrepreneur is a partnership and social funding platform created early 2009. 
Buzz Entrepreneur is one of the first ever website in France that allows potential partners to meet each others.
We are proposing to individuals whether they are entrepreneurs or funders to meet each others to exchange so that they can set up a funding plan or a business plan. 
Our team is made of experts from regular credit brokerage, internet (more than 15 years experience on financial websites), insurance (more than 20 years of experience). Our spikes include credit operations, e-crm and internet strategies. 
Buzzgroup' companiesBuzz Entrepreneur belongs to a 2.0 websites groups aims at creating and developping one  single framework in the finance and social network area:  credits, insurance, bank, partnerships 2.0, and online trading.
All the social platforms are interconnected and creates synergies on their respective core business while they benefit from a common IT and CRM infrastructure. 
Our vision:
Build a 2.0 group on the financial sector across interconnected businesses
Our philosophy:
Put the final customer in the heart of our 2.0 project while giving them the opportunity to create value. Bring sense to the one that collaborate with us. Having fun while innovating.

You are willing to get in touch with the team, having some more informations, size the opportunity. Contact us


You have some know-how or opportunities to share with us on the online banking sector, on the insurance, the credit or on the online trading? Contact us